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WOW! What a difference…I’m still floored!!

-Bill Entringer

Hi, I would just like to share my testimonial with you guys, feel free to share it on your website.

Like many people, I have always had a fear of the dentist. I think for me it came from going to series of bad, uncaring dentists. Now I will be the first to admit, I don’t brush my teeth as often as I should. This of course has led to numerous cavities over the years, so I am no stranger to dental work. The problems I have had include dentist and hygienist belittling me about not brushing my teeth, painful visits from the Novocaine shot, to dentists caring only about their agenda and pocket books. Over the past 15 years I have been to at least 6 different dentists.

So fast forward to 6-23-14, I decided to give Family Dental Center a shot. I called and explained my situation and amazingly they had an appointment that same day with their newest dentist Lee Gertsen. I made the appointment, and had my initial consultation with Lee. I will admit I was a little hesitant about Lee because he was so young, and I secretly wondered if he would be as “good” as the older dentists with more experience.

However I was very impressed with Lee and his assistant Stacey. Lee was very professional, and instantly makes you feel relaxed. Lee explained all my options, and made some recommendations, all while leaving the ball in my court as to how to proceed. I ended up needing to have a molar removed the next day and Lee and Stacey were again amazing. Comfort is their number one priority, and Lee is so gentle that I didn’t even feel the Novocaine shot!

1 hour, 2 fillings and a molar extraction later, I am still just floored with the care I received. It is a complete 180 from any dentist I have ever visited. From the front office gals, to both Stacey and Lee, Family Dental Center has way exceeded any previous experience I have had at a dentist office. Thank you Family Dental for being one of the few dentists that still puts their patients first.

Bill Entringer

Delta Dental