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Kid's Zone

Kid’s Zone

Smile! Visiting the dentist has never been so fun. The staff at Family Dental Center is dedicated to making a trip to the dentist an adventure. We want to be known as the best childrens dentist in Sioux Falls. Kids will learn about proper dental care at their level with interactive tools, funny characters and the nicest dentists on the planet. Every child will also get them a free sugar-free sweet at the end of their check-up!

To get your kids started on the right track for their oral health habits, here are tips and tools they’ll love (and so will you).

Brushing Your Child’s Teeth Is Important

Brushing your child’s teeth is important. At Family Dental Center, we recommend that kids brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. There are lots of ways to make brushing teeth fun! Watch the video below to see how.

Download Our Coloring Pages

Mom & Dad, click the links below to download a couple of our Family Dental Center kids coloring pages. These coloring pages are a fun activity to do before coming to the dentist. Print them off and as your child is coloring talk with them about the importance of visiting the dentist and also why it’s important to keep teeth healthy and clean at home.

Coloring Page #1

Coloring Page #2

Cavity Free Kids Club

When kids come to Family Dental Center and have a perfect check-up, they will become a part of our Cavity Free Kids Club. As a member of the club, your child will receive a membership card that will get them a FREE sugar-free sweet any day of the week and also an entry into our monthly prize drawing.

Kids Dental Report Cards

After each dental appointment, you child will receive a report card with results from their check-up and recommendations from our pediatric dentists and hygienists. On this report card, we will show what teeth need more attention when brushing or if your child carries any dental risks. We’ll also recommend products your child could be using at home to improve their oral health. In addition to this report card, we’ll send them on their way with a bright smiley sticker and a fun prize from our toy box. Of course, all children receive a new toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and lip balm.

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