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Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam

Your first visit to our office is just one of the many aspects that sets us apart from other dental offices. The comprehensive exam sets the foundation for your future dental care at our Sioux Falls dentist office. We take the time needed to understand your goals, concerns and desires for optimal dental health. We examine your past and current medical history, discussing its relationship to your dental health. Complete extraoral and intraoral examinations are done. Necessary x-rays are taken using our digital imaging systems. At the end of this visit, we discuss your personalized treatment options.

Specific areas that are evaluated outside the mouth include the TMJ, facial muscles and lymph nodes. The TMJ is a common source of dysfunction and pain for many patients. Over-exerting the joint, such as a clenching and/ or grinding habit can cause this. Often, the muscles that contribute to opening and closing and other facial movements can also experience pain due to excessive use, so it is important to identify all sources of possible pain for effective treatment. We also palpate lymph nodes, feeling for any abnormalities or asymmetries. If anything needs further evaluation, we guide you to the next step. 0ur evaluation and discussion can provide answers to your questions, and are not only thoroughly done at your first visit, but are also evaluated at your future recall examinations as well.

The intraoral evaluation includes a thorough oral cancer exam. We also look at each tooth for any signs of decay, cracks or abnormalities. Each existing restoration, missing tooth and oral appliance is documented in our charts. Your tooth alignment and bite are noted as well as any esthetic concerns you have. The gum tissue and bone level is evaluated to determine the proper cleaning that is specific to your needs. We utilize low radiation digital imaging to assist in evaluating the current condition of your mouth and to help us plan for any treatment needs. It is our understanding that every patient is unique, and we strive to provide personalized care at your first appointment and every appointment in your future.

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