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Patients just like you have asked us questions and our team of doctors have responded. Check out our FAQs below. If you have a question for one of our doctors that has not been included in this list, please contact us.

Why do I have to have x-rays?

An exam and x-rays are needed in order for the doctor to properly diagnose what type of treatment is needed. The doctor can only see above the gum line. X-rays allow the doctor to see below the gum line and properly diagnose treatment.

Are silver fillings still placed?

Amalgam fillings are often used at Family Dental Center. The amalgam material has been around for years, and has been shown to be a very strong and durable restoration. In fact, the ADA, FDA and AMA (American Medical Association) have shown it to be a very good restorative material with no health risks.

How can I get a new cavity under a crown or a filling?

Unfortunately, a new cavity can form under a crown or filling if a patient’s home care and diet are not ideal. A cavity needs three things to form: a tooth, a carbohydrate food source and bacteria. So, if a patient properly cleans the tooth from bacteria and food, the likelihood of developing a cavity dramatically decreases. Patients have even more of a chance at being cavity free if their diet is high in protein, fruits and vegetables with minimal carbohydrates and sugars.

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